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Worlds First & Highest free style bungy .

Worlds First & Highest free style bungy . :

World's First & Highest Freestyle Bungy - 111 Meters in Rishikesh

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush at the world’s first and highest freestyle bungy jump, standing at 111 meters in Rishikesh. Jumpers can choose from a variety of thrilling styles including running jumps, Harry Potter jumps, couple jumps, flip jumps, and rope cutaway jumps. Dive into an unforgettable adventure and push the boundaries of excitement!


Free Style

Package Covers


1 Bungy Jump

Protective gears such as safety harness

Bungy Master Expertise & guidance

Package Excludes

Photography & Videography The Cost of photography & videography is not covered in the package, it is on jumpers demand: 1000/-

Note* The package does not cover any product or service that is not mentioned in the “package covers” section

Cameras Used
Age Limit

Bungee jumping is open to anyone aged 14 and above, with no upper age limit. However, all participants must be physically and mentally fit to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Weight Limit

For individual bungy : 48 Kg – 108 Kg
For Tandem/couple  : up to 205 kg . (for exp . 43 kg +100kg or  100 kg +105kg can do tandem jump togather . )

Due to its extreme nature, this sport is not suitable for people with the following medical conditions:

forward-arrow Heart condition

forward-arrow Recent fracture

forward-arrow Neurological disorders

forward-arrow Osteoporosis

forward-arrow Recent surgery

forward-arrow Consumption of alcohol

forward-arrow Epilepsy


You will be prohibited from jumping under any of the above conditions

Safety Standard

All the chords used are imported from Thailand

International Bungy masters: United Kingdom, Switzerland & Japan

Verified by best in field engineers (IIT, Skeleton, Studioemergence)

High quality international equipments

Run by experienced masterminds (Since 1995)

Approved by Uttarakhand Tourism

Payment & Cancellation Policy

The booking cost will be the 40% of the total payable amount of the activities chosen. Once the amount is paid the customer will receive a booking confirmation over email.


Cancellation of the booking

1. The Customer will bear no cancellation charge on cancelling 30 days prior the booking date.

2. The Customer will bear 50% of the booking amount as the cancellation fee, if cancelled 15 days prior the booking date.

3. No refund will be made in case of cancelling 7 days prior the booking date.

4. If the customer fails to reach the destination on the day of booking, no refund will be processed.

5. The refunds will be processed through original payment methods within 10 working days after cancellation.


  • Can we change the date if we are not able to arrive as per the booking?

    The dates can be changed on prior notice. The person needs to inform 1 week prior the booking date. The dates cannot be changed on the date of booking if you are not able to reach due to any circumstance

  • How will I get my Photos & Video ?

    The customer will get the videos & photos in a pen drive, shot from the high end gadgets of CANON & SONY.

  • Does this package include Photography ?

    The Cost of photography & videography is not covered in the package, it is on jumpers demand at extra cost. Videography : upto 1 min duration (Video of the jump) & Photographs : 15-20

  • What is weight limit ?

    For individual bungy : 48 Kg – 108 Kg

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